Michael Ang

Interdisziplinäre Projekte
Bildende Kunst
Werdegang / Ausbildung: 
Michael Ang is a Berlin-based artist and engineer working at the intersection of art, engineering, and the natural world. He creates technological tools for enhancing our understanding of the physical and ecological world around us, and for modulating social interaction. Michael’s artwork has been exhibited at NASA Ames Research Center for Yuri’s Night, transmediale, Gray Area Foundation For The Arts, and Natalie Jeremijenko’s OOZ. Michael envisions a world of humane technology focused on people and the environment — the works he creates are examples in that direction.
Wichtige Projekte / Ausstellungen: 
Chrysalis (Memories of the world from before you had eyes) Chrysalis is the first sculpture in the Object Memories / Object Dreams series. The geometric form was inspired by the chrysalis of the Monarch butterfly during its metamorphosis from larvae to butterfly. The Chrysalis sculpture was designed by hand as a digital model and then converted into a printed physical object using the Polygon Construction Kit. The Chrysalis embodies the metamorphosis of digital structures into physical embodiment. The Chrysalis is conceived as a “living” organism. During the day the Chrysalis has a simple white appearance and almost blends in. At night the internal process of metamorphosis is made visible by a pattern of lights that cycle from green to the colours of a fully developed Monarch butterfly. The Chrysalis was installed as an urban intervention in Toronto as part of a “pop-up” residency at OCADU’s Situation Lab. It was also shown at the Waldkultum Festival at Fort Gorgast, Germany.